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About Earthworks Training

It makes good business sense to have your staff trained correctly and then Assessed on machinery they operate. Ultimately this impacts upon Site Safety and Employer OH&S obligations. It is Earthworks  intention through proper training to reduce exposure to Industry fines, incidents and accidents, prosecution, downtime and Insurance risks, whilst helping to reduce liability issues and improving compliance levels and productivity.

Individuals with a view towards broadening their skills and industry knowledge, dramatically increase their chances of employment and job retention. To hold Industry recognised accredited qualifications means you have appropriate Industry qualified specific knowledge and Training.

At Earthworks Training we have over 25 years experience in operating earthmoving equipment and 20 years experience training others. We know what’s required and can tailor training to your specific individual or work place needs, including multiple visits, night shifts and remote locations.

We specialise in on-site Training & Assessments on your own machines. Training you and your employees on-site and on the machines they are familiar with, results in less downtime, travel expenses and equipment hire.

If you have good industry experience you may just need an Assessment on the plant you have been operating. This can be performed in 1 day as long as you have the machine on site and are good to go.  

Training and Assessments can also be carried out for people with limited reading and writing skills. The trainee sits an oral exam and the instructor records the Trainee’s answers.

Earthworks Training has many contacts within the Industry and can assist individuals with job placement or make recommendations to company’s depending upon demand and qualifications.

We are serious about your personal and employee training. Employer’s can feel confident their staff are getting the best possible up-to-date training. Earthworks will make it as easy as possible for both the Employer and the Trainee. We are always happy to answer questions and assist you in anyway we can.


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Training and Assessment's are conducted under a Registered Partnership Arrangement with Registered Training Organisation's

FHV Driver Training RTO I.D: 91857. Military Rd Guildford NSW. Phone: 0414013014

Halo Nation RTO I.D 32485. Barrington Cres Wakerley QLD. Phone:1300425668 

Hunter Plant Operator Training School. RTO ID: 90352, McFarlane Street Cessnock NSW Phone: 1800640580.

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