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Training and Assessing

Training and WorkCover Assessments

WorkCover Assessments.

The following explains Assessment criteria and what a Trainee needs to know and provide to undertake Training and Assessment on any machine that requires a WorkCover licence.

Training and Workcover Assessments cannot be conducted by the same person (by law). To make this process as easy as possible for the Employer and the Trainee, Earthworks will provide a Training course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which normally involves 2 days training with the assessment to follow within the next few days. The Assessment can take up to 2 hours along with the practical component taking 1 hour. We will also provide the Assessor on the day. 

WorkCover requires 48 hours notice before any Assessments can take place. This is organised by the RTO after the training has taken place. and ageed with the trainee. It is advisable to give us a call or email prior to wanting to sit an Assessment. This will allow enough time for WorkCover notifications. 

WorkCover Assessment Requirements.

 Courses we conduct Training and WorkCover assessments in are:

*Other Relevant Information*

We are able to provide oral Assessments for persons with reading and writing difficulties. The assessor will ask the questions and record your responses. This is quite common and there is no need to be embarrassed. You will need to make the Assessor aware of this in advance as it is required to be stated on the WorkCover notification.


100 POINT CHECK - One of these must be a photo ID

Document TypePoints
Full Birth Certificate 70
Passport 70
Australian Citizenship Certificate 70
Australian Drivers Licence 40
NSW Photo Card 25
Medicare Card 25
DVA Card 25
Centrelink Card 25
Credit or Account Card 25
Bank Statement 25
Car Rego or insurance documents 25
Property Lease Agreement 25
Council Rates Notice 25
Home Insurance papers 25
A Utility Bill (water, electricity or gas) 25

EARTHWORKS TRAINING’S goal is to educate the workforce into becoming competent, efficient and safe operators. We believe that safety in the work place is paramount and want to instill this in our Trainee’s. Our down-to-earth approach to Training makes the course informative as well as enjoyable.


                 Call Adam on 0415 214 348

                 Call Lisa on 0400 790 894




 The award is issued under a partnership arrangement with Registered Training Organisation's

FHV Driver Training. RTO I.D: 91857. SafeWork Approval No. 800   . Military Rd Guildford NSW. Phone 0414013014

Halo Nation. RTO I.D. 32485. SafeWork Approval No. 800 286. Barrington Cres Wakerley QLD. Phone 1300425668

Hunter Plant Operator Training School. WorkCover approval No. 800 180. RTO ID: 90352, McFarlane Street Cessnock, Phone: 1800640580

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